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Looking for information and resources on bank repo boats?


Buying a boat, PWC or other marine watercraft that was previously repo'd, foreclosed or repossessed from the bank or lender can be a very good way to get an excellent deal on your purchase. However, all vessels are not created the same and there are risks to buying someone else's watercraft, because you do not really know for sure how it may have been cared for and maintained. If you are an expert in surveying or inspecting boats then it may be an easier proposition. However, if you are new to purchasing and running boats, it is probable a good idea to get an expert to help you assess the quality of the repo'd boat you would like to buy.

Boats that have been repo'd or foreclosure by the banks can be found in just about every state. Some of the key states and cities that seem to be popular include Florida, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, California, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Illinoism Detroit, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Atlanta and Georgia.

Interested buyers can find all types of watercraft such as many different fishing boats, skiing, cruisers, sailboats, yachts, PWC, jetskis and more.

Repo boats from National Liquidators:
A large liquidator that has weekly boat auctions for bank repossessions, vessel foreclosures, brokerages and government seized watercraft from many states across the U.S. 67
Horizon Marine Center:
See them for their inventory and selection of Florida bank repo boats. Read their terms and specific details for bidding or purchasing from their marine inventory.

Boats Auctions Direct:
Provides access to auctions for boat repos, government seized vessels and other liquidation sources and outlets.

• CrankyApe Boat Repos:
• Cascade Marine Center:
Finest Used boats in the Northwest and volume Oregon discount dealer.

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