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Kingscraft Houseboats


It's a 1970 Kingscraft, 34 foot long. It's our first houseboat, and I intend to use these pages to chronicle our journey with this boat.

I'll also post what information I can gather about the boat, but I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination. If you have any information about Kingscraft boats or information in general you think might be useful, get it to me and I'll try and incorporate it.

Why is the Kingscraft houseboats considered the Cadillac of houseboats? Because they are constructed of all aluminum. Unlike a "fiberglass" houseboat which is really made out of wood with fiberglass overlayed on it, an all aluminum houseboat never rots. That will never happen to an all aluminum houseboat like the Kingscraft. The vessel structure is constructed of aluminum beams. Kingcraftboats, are boats picked by experienced houseboaters.

35-40 foot Kingscrafts
Kingscraft houseboats were popular and built during the 1960's and 1970's. All aluminum construction was one of their attributes.

Houseboat Buyers Guide. Kingscraft Houseboats Club: Free For Sale listings of Kingcraft 44' houseboats, and information exchange - buyers.

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